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"They looked toward the WILDERNESS:


the GLORY of the LORD

appeared in a CLOUD..."

(Ex 16:10)

Copyright  2004-2011

The authors/photographers of these photos share them
as the gifts that they feel God intended them to be.

Visitors are encouraged to download/print/share the photos for legitimate and inspirational purposes only.
Please include copyright/authentication information to protect the integrity of the photos,
and to allow the authors the opportunity to respond to any inquiries, curiosities or doubts.
Any blasphemous or ridiculous use is strictly prohibited by the copyright holders,
as protected under copyright law.

If an actual photograph is required, please contact us.
However, we would rather distribute them only freely by digital means. 

"The Good Shepherd" photo, ©Copyright 1988 Joseph Lee Hooker
(original photo captured with a Nikon 20/20 camera on Kodak film)

"The White Cross" photo, ©Copyright 1990 Bridget G. Hylak
(original photo captured on Kodak film; camera stolen years later)

"White Cross over Apparition Hill" photo, ©Copyright 1990 Joseph Lee Hooker
(original photo captured with a Nikon 20/20 camera on Kodak film)

Negatives are in safe keeping;
originally developed by Cutler Camera, Concord Mall, Wilmington, DE

All photos were taken in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia).
“Medjugorje may become the first apparition to be approved by an international Church commission
(under the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith), instead of a diocesan commission...
This speaks highly to Medjugorje’s importance within Vatican circles and the international community.” (“Medjugorje–Vatican to Investigate...” By Dan Klimek, March 18, 2010)

If you are not familiar with the events occuring in Medjugorje,
you may want to consider looking into it.